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Valencia Durarara - Final by Spaceflight-Wyvern Valencia Durarara - Final :iconspaceflight-wyvern:Spaceflight-Wyvern 0 1 Valencia Durarara by Spaceflight-Wyvern Valencia Durarara :iconspaceflight-wyvern:Spaceflight-Wyvern 2 1 map of the Rainia world by Spaceflight-Wyvern map of the Rainia world :iconspaceflight-wyvern:Spaceflight-Wyvern 0 0 Yang and Hamo'Chi by Spaceflight-Wyvern Yang and Hamo'Chi :iconspaceflight-wyvern:Spaceflight-Wyvern 1 9 Character Sheet - Rupert by Spaceflight-Wyvern Character Sheet - Rupert :iconspaceflight-wyvern:Spaceflight-Wyvern 0 12 Hold Onto What You've Got by Spaceflight-Wyvern Hold Onto What You've Got :iconspaceflight-wyvern:Spaceflight-Wyvern 2 4 Sketch Request - Ozzymandias by Spaceflight-Wyvern Sketch Request - Ozzymandias :iconspaceflight-wyvern:Spaceflight-Wyvern 1 3
Showdown, TBOS R2 Part 3
The sheriff took Rupert to the mansion at the center of town, explaining along the way that a man named James had taken over the town a little under a week ago… but things had just gotten worse in town. No explanation, but he was sure it had something to do with James and his gang. Rupert had to agree as he saw deadly duels in the side streets, heard people yelling at each other in houses, and nearly tripped over a saloon brawl that had leaked onto the street.
Normally, the goblin would've said crazy gas – an old goblin prank – but that never got more violent than a friendly wrestling match in the mud. By the time they got to the mansion, Rupert was nearly out of breath, amazed that the old man hadn't even broken a sweat just before he drew his revolver and kicked in the front door.
All Hell broke loose then.
Shots were fired from inside, presumably by James' gang, and the sheriff fired back, ducking around the wall to reload. And Rupert didn't want to miss out on the fu
:iconspaceflight-wyvern:Spaceflight-Wyvern 0 3
Showdown, TBOS R2 Part 2
"Hey! You! Whatever the Hell you are!" There was a slight pause. "You alright?"
Even in his dazed state, Rupert could still tell the sudden shift in tone from accusatory to concerned. He wriggled around, trying to figure out where he was because his eyes refused to open; all he felt was warm mush that felt only slightly like dirt. And smelled like…
"EW!" The goblin regained his senses all at once, rolling off of the manure pile and back onto the baked ground. "That's a horrible prank! Not even those disgusting, little dirt goblins are this perverse."
Perverse… that was a word Luka often used. Since when had he started using it? Wait… Luka…
Rupert's eyes flew open – throwing caked manure from his eyelids – and he jumped to his feet. "Oh my freakin' God! Luka! There was a net, and then pain, and then…"
A strong, calloused hand on the goblin's shoulder stopped his outward panic. "Hey, calm down, kiddo. Tell me wha' happened."
Turning around, Rupert saw t
:iconspaceflight-wyvern:Spaceflight-Wyvern 0 1
Showdown, TBOS R2 Part 1
Luka couldn't have taken two steps outside the village before the world shifted. The tall trees shrunk and merged together to form old-style houses. The road bent into a straight line with several offshoots that were equally straight, and the earth cracked beneath the tree spirit's feet as the water evaporated faster than it should've been able to. All the animals the duo could see morphed into snakes or buzzards or horses, some with riders.
Rupert slid out of Luka's horns to sit on her back, jaw dropped as low as it could. In only a matter of moments, they'd gone from an isolated medieval village to an old, mid-west town… complete with tumbleweeds.
"Hey! Nice horse! Where'd ya get it? The dollar store?" an old man shouted from his rocking chair outside a saloon. Luka didn't reply; she was still wrapping her head around the fact that the entire world had changed around them.
Rupert, on the other hand, was shaken out of his reverie by the heckling and promptly stuck out his worm-li
:iconspaceflight-wyvern:Spaceflight-Wyvern 0 2
Archaetoothus Pipe
It had been years since Pipe had last seen him. Of course it had; that was the tradition. Everyone would get together, and the men would show off. Then every woman would pick one partner and go off, leaving the younger girls to eye the pickings. Sometimes, they were very slim.
Not that year, however. While the big, flashy men were quickly taken, those not fully grown were free for further observation. That's when she saw him, a small, quick thing with eyes too large for his age. He was odd, so would be picked last, if he was picked at all.
Pipe wasn't that big either, several years until she could take a mate. She should've just waited at the edge of the gathering, should've just swam slowly with her sisters. But she didn't.
Instead, she swam lazily towards him, as if she belonged in the crowd. When she could reach him easily, Pipe gave him a playful bat on his tentacles. He startled at the sudden touch, tentacles flaring in surprise, but he almost immediately realized that it was just
:iconspaceflight-wyvern:Spaceflight-Wyvern 0 3
DA2 - Lessons by Spaceflight-Wyvern DA2 - Lessons :iconspaceflight-wyvern:Spaceflight-Wyvern 0 10
Mature content
By the Book, TBOS R1 Part 3 :iconspaceflight-wyvern:Spaceflight-Wyvern 1 3
Mature content
By the Book, TBOS R1 Part 2 :iconspaceflight-wyvern:Spaceflight-Wyvern 1 5
By the Book, TBOS R1 Part 1
Luka awoke to a pleasant breeze, although she didn't open her eyes right away. Going through the door Mudd had created hadn't been as easy as she'd thought; a seemingly endless hallway had greeted her and, when she looked back, saw that it went on in both directions. There was no sign of the door they had entered. After what felt like hours, just walking in one direction, the red carpet and drapery slowly changed color to a deep green before transforming into a coniferous forest, the sun setting in the distance. Without even looking around, Luka had lain down and fallen asleep.
As her senses came back to her, the tree spirit realized just where she might be. All she knew was that they were in a forest, not which one. Luka jerked up immediately, jumping to her feet and getting her horns caught in some branches. The first words out of her mouth surprised even her.
"Rupert, where are you?"
With her head stuck as it was, Luka couldn't look around much, limiting her view to the semi-dense t
:iconspaceflight-wyvern:Spaceflight-Wyvern 2 11
The fire crackled softly
Or maybe crackled loudly.
It didn't matter.
These quiet times,
Between jobs
Or helping out a friend,
Were brief and rare,
The stillness before the stampede appears.
Religion says, "Make mages slaves."
Rebellion says, "Let mages live free."
Champion and Rebel grow deaf,
For a time,
To just… be… together.
To forget their fight
As illegal mages.
Her slender hands
Run through his wheat-colored hair.
His caramel eyes
Promise devotion between every kiss.
The fire burns down to a soft glow
Before they let sleep come,
Curled up in each other's arms.
Painfully unaware
Their love that night
Had borne the answer
Of which side to take.
The reason to fight
The reason to win
Begins to grow.
A reason that,
In ten months time,
Will earn its name
:iconspaceflight-wyvern:Spaceflight-Wyvern 1 5

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Climber Begins
My earliest memories are of the food court.
I loved watching the people as I moved up and down on my rope. As they ate, I could learn so much about them. The little kids running around between the tables, and their parents trying to calm them down. The couple coming for their first date, so obviously in love and not paying attention to anyone else. Sometimes, I could even see pictures and hear sound coming out of a black box in the corner.
I watched them, and I cared about each of them. I was happy when I saw they were happy, and sad when I saw they were sad.
And I went up and down and up and down.
And then one day, I stopped.
I’m still not sure exactly what happened, but I think I overheard someone saying that my mechanical parts had broken down. They pulled me off my rope. Then they cut me in half and took out some of my insides and sewed me back together. Then they threw me in the back of an old cart.
And there was darkness.
As I sat there in the darkness, I thought about all t
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Galactic Hitchhiker
United States
Current Residence: somewhere
Print preference: what?
Favourite genre of music: rock n' roll
Favourite photographer: ... do I know any?
Favourite style of art: manga
Operating System: Photoshop?
MP3 player of choice: iPod nano (only one I can afford)
Shell of choice: conch shell or nautaloid shell
Wallpaper of choice: Asian. It's so beautiful and feng shui.
Skin of choice: rainbow, Chinese dragon. any questions?
Favourite cartoon character: Uncle Iroh
Personal Quote: "Our inner dragon reflects what we truely want to be; mine is a wyvern."
How's everyone doing so far this year?
I got off to a great start... by playing a lot of Skyrim. I don't think I could ever go back to Oblivion after that; it's too complicated in its leveling-up system.

But, to the meat of this journal entry:

This is really just an excuse to tell everyone that, hey, I have a tumblr account now.
I have no idea what possessed me to do this, but since I have it, I might as well tell people about it. It is currently SFW and highly doubt that that will ever change.

Happy New Year! :D
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  • Reading: "American Gods"
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